Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Shands update

First, the fun stuff: Bernie went crazy when we got back. We’d told the maids who come on Wednesdays that when they left they should lock him in our bedroom (of course, there’s a doggie door so he can roam the backyard pouncing on lizards). But we were longer than we expected and didn’t get home until almost 5pm. And when I opened the bedroom door he exploded into the hall, circled me three times, and then dashed up the stairs circled the smaller couch twice and nearly knocked Harriet over.

I think he was happy to see us. But not quite as happy as when I took his leash down. I never hook it on him, but he knows that means we’re going on a walk. And so we did.

Now, as regards the more serious stuff. The doctors are concerned about my declining lung function. They are not yet ready to call the Zithromax treatment a failure. I’ve only been on this powerful antibiotic for two weeks and they say it can take up to four weeks before you know the result. So, we will continue.

However, we are also moving ahead with two alternatives. They have already contacted the company running a test with inhaled cyclosporine (a key immune suppressant) and requested a supply of the drug for me. And we have begun the various tests that need to be performed for the doctors to put me on the list for a re-transplant. I believe I mentioned the PRA blood test which was done at Shands on this trip. Before we left they also had me in for an echocardiogram.

Finally, we’re scheduled for another meeting with the doctors in two weeks. In the meantime, life goes on. And Bernie is looking at me as if it’s time for our second walk this morning.

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