Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shands -- the bad and the good

We went to Shands this morning – a two hour drive at 6:00am. My clinic tests – FEV1, and six minute walk were not good. The FEV1 is now down to 0.94 (at home before we left it was 1.16 but that is normally higher than when I do it with the Shands’ professionals). The six minute walk was negative too; fewer feet walked and lower oxygen saturation afterwards.


However, our meeting with Dr. Baz was another story. First, he told us that the anti-body test was negative which means I could receive lungs from any donor than matches my blood type. Then he told us that I’ve already been put on the transplant list and that, based upon my test results, I should be three quarters of the way up the list. He also said that if my FEV1 gets low enough they will put me in the hospital with oxygen therapy and exercise until lungs become available.


Finally, he made a point of telling us that the survival for re-transplant patients is essentially the same as it for first time transplants – an average of five years.


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